Bert Software by Rob Cobb

This web site is used to help me stay organized and keep you up-to-date on the various software projects for which I am responsible.  Most of the projects I work on involve C++ or PHP and often utilize HTML, XML and MySQL.

  • Fantasy Football Tools: Several thousand people use Draft Predictor each year to make their fantasy drafts more enjoyable.  It's success as a draft day aid launched a suite of tools that currently includes Draft Planner (a cheat sheet generator), averaged rankings, averaged ADP data, and a player tracking tool called My Locker.  This software is available exclusively through
  • Web Site Development: and are e-commerce sites built by combining professional graphic designs with custom store-front code. These sites allow the owner to manage their product display and accept PayPal payments.
  • Sim Racing Software
    • League Manager:  Sim Racing League Manager (SRLM) is a complete on-line solution for managing league results and standings. All schedules, results, news, etc. use your theme to become a seamless part of your league website.
    • League Database:  Sim Racing Leagues is a free directory that drivers can search to find a league to join. It is a self-service website that authorizes users by sending them email access keys.
    • Setup Diffs records telemetry data and displays it alongside the changes that have been made to the car setup.  This eliminates the need to copy down tire temps and attempt to recall which setup changes you made. Learn more...
    • Spotter Plugin is a vastly improved spotter/crew chief for oval racing.  Learn more...
    • Sim File Fetcher:  One of the tiresome duties required of Sim Racing league managers is keeping everyone updated with the latest cars and tracks.  This simple program interacts with your web site to download all of the files needed by racers who want to participate in your league.  Learn more...

Sim File Fetcher 3.0

November 2013
A user interface refresh and some important new features:

- Prompts user to install missing sims when connecting to a server
- Reads sims, servers, and install instructions from sffimport.ini
- Ability for admins to delete files (not just folders)
- Ability to show post-installation messages


Version 2.2 introduced:

- Remembers last sort option for cars, tracks, setups. and mods
- Remembers last selected tab for each server
- Connects to server when changing the server combo box
- Warns if sim executable is not found in the target folder
- Prompts for admin privileges if running on a Windows system running UAC
- Ability to define files as a toggle (RFM and Track Config are an example)


Version 2.1 introduced:
- Improved download speed for large files

- Build Library function for league admins
- Launch button that starts the sim and automatically connects to the race server.

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Sim Racing League Manager (SRLM)

March 2013
After two years of development, the first commercial use of Sim Racing League Manager (SRLM) has begun.  A community version that presents news, results, schedules, and info for multiple leagues is up and running at  The system features:

  • Calendars, results, standings, driver pages
  • Full management console with ability to upload images
  • News is published via RSS
  • Automatically determines what to display based on the race schedule
  • Supports teams, playoff formats, caution logs, customizable scoring

Sim Racing League Database

March 2011 is a database that sim racers can search to find a league that matches their interest.  Sim league admins can add and edit their league information by validating their email address.



SetupDiffs 2.0

November 2010
SetupDiffs has been updated after two years in service.  The new release has some major improvements:

  • Creates a notebook that organizes all testing sessions
  • Saves every setup (SVM) file
  • Compares lap times side-by-side for each run
  • Asks for driver feedback when a run is complete
  • Adds a bunch of new data:
    • Track temp
    • Fuel level
    • Combined tire average
    • Wedge calculations
    • Load, ride height, and deflection

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Sim Racing League Manager

Web-based sim racing league management.

  • Calendars

  • Results

  • Standings

  • Driver pages

  • News

Sim File Fetcher 3.0 - Updated 11/12/2013

A simple PC application to keep all of your Sim Racing league members up-to-date with the latest:

  • Cars

  • Tracks

  • Setups

  • Mods