ASR Setup Diffs Plugin

The setup diffs plugin is designed for use with The Sim Factory's ARCA Sim Racing 2008 game.  This easy to use tool creates an HTML report that includes:

  • Setup changes

  • Lap times

  • Tire temps

  • Engine temps


ARCA Setup Diffs Plugin for ARCA Sim Racing 2008 by The Sim Factory

The plugin creates HTML files that are organized in a notebook containing sessions (Test, Qualifying, Race), runs (every time you leave the garage), and laps.  Each time you head out on the track, the plugin takes a snapshot of your setup.  Your lap times and tire temperatures are then recorded and displayed with any setup changes that you have made since your last run.

A notebook is created that contains an overview of each test session:

Each session file contains details about each run:

Each column above is a "run".  Clicking on the "2 Laps" link at the top opens a page with a similar layout in which all of the telemetry is broken down by lap.  On each page of the report, maximum values for the run and session are highlighted.

Below each run (column), there is a setup section like the one below.  It shows what changes were made to the car between the two runs.

Lap times for each run are listed side-by-side for comparison:

Finally, the setup files (SVN) are saved and an HTML representation is created:

When you complete a run, a dialog is displayed asking for feedback:

ARCA Setup Diffs Plugin v2.0 (74kb) 11/17/10
ARCA Setup Diffs Plugin v1.1 (74kb) 5/2/08 Original Release
If you like the plugin and are able to donate, your contribution will go towards hosting and development costs.  Thank you.
Installation:  Unzip the contents into your ARCA Sim Racing folder (default is 'C:\Program Files\ARCA Remax).  Make sure you allow WinZip to 'use folder names'.  You should end up with the ARCASetupDiffsPlugin.dll and ReadMe_ARCASetupDiffsPlugin.txt in the 'Plugins' folder and ARCASetupDiffsPlugin.ini in the 'ARCA Remax' folder.
Configuration:  You can edit ARCASetupDiffsPlugin.ini to enable or disable the plugin and control some of its behavior.  The default toggle to enable/disable the plugin is CTRL+N.  The driver feedback dialog can be configured to display every time, but the default is to wait for the user to press the spacebar.


4/19/2008 Notes:
I had hoped to be able to identify setup changes when made during a pit-stop, but it does not appear that will be possible. So, make sure you go to the garage during practice to make your changes.

I've found that it is convenient to change the output folder ('Folder' setting in the INI file) and then have another computer access the HTML file from a shared drive. I know this may not always be possible, but it's nice to not have to Alt-Tab out of the game to view the data produced by the plugin.

Please let me know if you find any bugs or have any suggestions. Thanks -Rob.

Version History: 
version 2.0 - 11/17/2010
* Setup files (SVM) for each run are saved
* Formatting uses CSS file
* Dialog displayed after a run is completed asking for your notes
* Added on/off toggle
* Fixed bad tire averages when run was split by a caution or pit
* Added Data:

- Air & track temperature
- Combined tire temperature averages (rights, lefts, fronts, rears, LF+RR, RF+LR)
- Added fuel level
- Minimum ride height
- Maximum load
- Maximum lateral force
- Maximum deflection

1.1 - 05/02/2008
* Added average tire temp of left, center, and right readings with work %

1.0 - 04/28/2008
* Fixed a few spelling errors in the setup differences table
* Made the creation of runs at cautions and pit stops optional
* Show caution/pit stop note with 'Run' heading
* Highlight water temp in red if overheat light was on during lap/run

0.7 - 04/24/2008
* Changed lap # to display number within a run and the number shown in the game

0.6 - 04/22/2008
* Highlight max/min values for all telemetry
* Display setup notes
* 'view complete setup' completed
* Moved grip and wear to their own table.
* All tables can be turned on/off through the INI file.
* Lap numbers correspond to in-game readout
* Bug fixes: Improper highlighting of wear on rear tires. Oil/Water temps were not converted properly from C to F.

0.5 - 04/19/08
* Creates files at the end of the run instead of the end of the session
* Creates a new run when pitting or under caution
* Highlights max values for tire temps, brakes, oil, water, etc.

0.4 - 04/17/08
* Added pit and caution notes to lap output
* Added position to lap and run output
* Moved lap hyperlink to top

0.3 - 04/16/08
* Fixed failure to read 'Max Laps' and 'Max Runs' from INI file

0.2 - 04/16/08
* Display max, average, last tire temps & pressure
* Enable by session (test, warmup, race, etc.)
* Fixed a few display, math, and memory bugs

0.1 - 04/14/08
* Initial Beta release