ASR Setup Diffs Plugin

The setup diffs plugin is designed for use with The Sim Factory's ARCA Sim Racing 2008 game.  This easy to use tool creates an HTML report that includes:

  • Setup changes

  • Lap times

  • Tire temps

  • Engine temps



ARCA Setup Diffs Plugin v2.0 (265kb) 01/16/11
rFactor Setup Diffs Plugin v2.0.1 (444kb) 04/23/11
Contains setup comparison tool!
Sim File Fetcher (SFF) v3.0 (292kb) 11/12/13
Needed by all league members
SFF Server INI File Templates (2kb) 11/12/13
Needed by server admins only
Sim File Fetcher (SFF) v2.2 (292kb) 03/07/12
Old version of SFF


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