ASR Setup Diffs Plugin

The setup diffs plugin is designed for use with The Sim Factory's ARCA Sim Racing 2008 game.  This easy to use tool creates an HTML report that includes:

  • Setup changes

  • Lap times

  • Tire temps

  • Engine temps

Fantasy Football Tools
I have been writing software for fantasy football owners since 2001.  All of the tools are available through
Sim Racing Tools

Sim Racing League Manager (SRLM) keeps track of your drivers, race results, and standings. Upload rFactor or NASCAR Racing 2003 result files and race images to produce rich content for your web site. Supports playoff formats and customizable scoring.

rFactor Setup Diffs Plugin records telemetry and creates HTML files that associate the data with setup changes.


GTRL Spotter Plugin is a replacement for the spotter and crew chief that comes with ARCA Sim Racing.  I built this plugin with the help of Robbie Shook.  It improves inside/outside calls and adds many instructions needed to keep a driver up-to-date during a race.

Sim File Fetcher is a solution for sim racing admins to distribute tracks, cars, setups, and mods to their league members.  It retrieves updates from your web server and keeps track of which cars/tracks are installed.


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